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tv   Nancy Grace  HLN  April 15, 2010 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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breaking news tonight. a 5-year-old girl tucked into bed, five hours later, she's gone. daddy comes home from the night shift to find not a trace of little haleigh. last person to see her alive, new stepmother, misty croslin, who goes on to flunk four poll gaffes and a voice stress test. little haleigh's father, ronald cummings and baby-sitter, stepmother, misty croslin.
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arrested. scuba divers, helicopters to comb the st. john's river into the night. croslin routed out of her provide jail cell yet again, taken to the docks of the st. john. we have the video of croslin standing there in handcuffs, motioning out to the water, pointing out a specific spot to police as the search for 5-year-old hail laying goes on, a human id crime lab vehicle arrives on the scene, family gathers at the putnam county jail, bombshell tonight, police announce 5-year-old haleigh likely dead. evidence pulled from the muddy waters of the st. john's has been discovered and dredged. an arrest on homicide imminent as the search for little
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haleigh's entire body and a murder weapon goes on. is there finally a break? in the search for haleigh? have the 5-year-old girl's remains been found. did misty croslin finally crack? >> items have been recovered at the search site. >> searching a murky river. >> we do have a search going on -- >> for any sign of haleigh cummings. >> information has been obtained by investigators that lead them to believe that haleigh cummings is most likely deceased. >> misty croslin also appeared to be on the scene. >> we really would not care who it implicates. in handcuffs, pointing out something for investigators. >> at this point, i'm comfortable to go ahead and say
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i'm going to call it a homicide. >> if somebody has something to do with it, let them fry, so be it. >> they didn't bring joe down. >> you didn't do it? >> no. >> they didn't bring tommy croslin out of the jailhouse that we know of. >> i don't know where she is. >> they brought misty croslin down to the docks to show police a specific spot in the st. john's river. >> all along she's saying she didn't know anything. >> i don't know where she is. >> i'm not hiding anything. >> i don't. >> there's nothing to break me of. there's nothing. >> and now she's pointing out what may have happened that night that haleigh went missing. >> just by virtue of the fact that she's standing there, pretty much implies that she's provided information to this law enforcement agency to where this child was disposed. >> do you think misty had any involvement in this? >> i don't think misty did but i won't say she didn't. good evening. i'm nancy grace. i want to thank you for being with us. bombshell tonight. i'm just receiving in my hand information, sources are now
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saying, police know what the murder weapon is, okay? so that gets rid of all speculation that this was just an accidental death. sources now saying -- unnamed sources say police know what the murder weapon is. the murder weapon that killed 5-year-old little haleigh cummings. police announcing in the last hours, the 5-year-old little girl, defenseless in her own home, is likely dead. an arrest on homicide, imminent as the search for little haleigh's entire body and a murder weapon goes on. did misty croslin finally crack? >> told people it's going to be just a matter of time. >> who cracked? who cracked? >> i think she's come to realize that, you know, she's in trouble. >> is haleigh cummings at the bottom of the st. john's river?
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>> divers in this water every day. they have search ed in zero zer conditions, using their bare hands. >> i didn't do anything to that little girl. i would never hurt her. >> what scenario could have possibly happened? >> i think they need to go get joe and lock him up. she probably knows something. >> that's all i know. >> the investigative team has identified persons of interest in this case. >> police brought her to the river to show where she saw this child go into the river. >> you better be honest with them. >> there are helicopters floating above her head. >> i just have to wait until my lawyer is ready. >> the key to what happened to haleigh lies with misty. >> it's going to hurt two people. >> that we care about?
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>> kind of. one, yeah. >> we are hearing information right now that police are now -- our sources are saying police do know the murder weapon for which they are looking. that should end all speculation that this was an accidental death. this little girl took a pill by accident and died. that scenario has been floated around many times. we are taking your calls live. joining us out of satsuma, florida, natisha lance. you're on the scene. what's happening? >> well, nancy, big news coming out of satsuma today, as you just said. police announce that haleigh cummings is likely deceased. they went on to say this is officially a homicide investigation. they also said there are persons of interest in this case, however, they are not naming those persons of interest. and they also said that although there have been reports out there that an arrest is imminent, they say they're hopeful an arrest will come
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sometime soon. then they were also asked, is misty croslin still the key to this investigation, and to that, they said absolutely. >> okay, let's talk about what police have said in the last hours in their official presser, their press release. back to you, natisha lance. i notice they keep saying, and i've got the release verbatim here in my hand, natisha. they say that rumors have spread a suspect has been taken into custody as a result of this investigation. that is not true. now, clearly misty croslin, ronald cummings, and brother tommy are all behind bars as a result of a drug investigation. clearly this does not address them. it says nobody is in custody as a result of this investigation, the dredging of the river. so it could very well be one of them, although i still say it's not ronald cummings.
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what about it? >> you're absolutely right. i don't think it was any coincidence it was written in the manner it was written. they also talked about the tip that led them to the st. john's river. a question was posed to them, what did that tip come from inside the jail? they did not answer that question, however, there is still speculation that tip came from either misty croslin or tommy croslin. >> jeanne casarez joining us. what can you tell me? >> let me respond to what natisha just said. they said people are starting to cooperate starting to talk. they've got a lot of time to sit and think. that tells us right there, it's misty or tommy that gave this tip. but i think one of the most amazing things that came out of this press conference today that we have never heard before is when posed with the question, could haleigh cummings have been murdered right there at the water, the response was that is
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a reasonable conclusion. >> which would explain, jean ca suarez, the lack of any blood or dna evidence there in the home where she was last seen alive. we are taking your calls live. but joining me right now is a very special guest joining us tonight in a prime time exclusive. with us tonight is misty croslin's grandmother. it is also joe overstreet's grandmother. it is ms. flora hollers joining us out of west nashville, tennessee. thank you for being with us. >> you're very much welcome. number one, ms. hollers, let me tell you, not only myself but my staff have become very attached to little haleigh and have been praying for her and thinking of her ever since we learned that she had disappeared, and our thoughts have been with you and
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your family. f >> i pray for her every night. >> ms. hollars, tell me about joe overstreet. repeatedly, misty croslin has referred to him as being responsible for haleigh's disappearance. you have been around him throughout this entire time. how has his behavior changed since he came back from florida when haleigh disappeared? >> his reactions are completely different than it was before he went down there. he's not the same kid that he was when he went down there. he has a different attitude towards life and all. he just don't care. >> ms. hollars, how does he react, for instance, when you come into the room wearing a haleigh t-shirt? >> well, it's my daughter that normally comes into the room wearing one and he normally will turn around and walk out. >> has he ever talked to you about the night haleigh went missing? >> no, ma'am. >> have you asked him?
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>> not really. >> why? >> he just throws his hands up and says "f it" and get up and walk away. >> did tommy croslin call you from behind bars? and if so, what did he say? >> he told me -- he was trying. and he says nanny, i've got to break down and i've got to tell somebody. and i told him, tommy, i know in my heart exactly what you're fixing to say. he says nanny, what do you mean? i said are you going to tell me that joe did this? and he said yes, nanny, joe did. >> we're hoping to make an arrest in this case. let's be real about this. okay? number one, you know, this case has been going on for 14 months. people are finally starting to talk.
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>> it's our belief that that's a very real possibility. we are working on building a case. that's what we've been doing for the last 14 months. >> i know somebody took my little girl. i'm comfortable enough to say i'm going to call it a homicide. >> sorry piece of trash that will be wasted when it's all over. >> haleigh cummings is most likely deceased. >> if i find whoever has my daughter before you all do, i'm killing him. >> i just want whoever took her to let her go. i don't care if i spend the rest
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of my life in prison. i'm telling you. you can put it on record, i don't care. >> i just want my baby home. >> the investigative team has identified persons of interest in this case. >> what do they mean? our life is going to be more hell than it is for this year? >> the next two weeks, they're going to wrap it up in the next few weeks. >> well, i hope they do. >> i got nothing to say to you lying people. >> i know -- i don't care what anybody says. tommy had nothing to do with it. >> i knew something you'd know a long time ago. leave me alone. >> joe overstreet has been a person who misty croslin and it appears her brother have been pointing the finger at for possibly the death of haleigh cummings. >> i lost a lot. frs >> overstreet, absolutely steadfastly, categorically denies any responsibility for haleigh's disappearance. >> if i find out someone hurt haleigh, i would be the first one to put a bullet in them. i don't care if it's my son or who. >> joining sus a special guest
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who's been through hell. with us is flora hollars. she is misty croslin and joe overstreet's grandmother. you have heard now three different versions of what happened the night haleigh went missing. what is the most recent version you have been told? >> what i was told by misty this morning was that tommy and joe took haleigh and wrapped a yellow rope around her and carried her to the dock and tied a brick around the other end of the rope and threw her into the river. now, that come from misty's mouth into my ear. >> this morning? >> yes, ma'am. >> could i ask you why they would have done that? joe overstreet and tommy
10:18 pm
croslin, why they would have done that? had they allegedly molested haleigh? >> that i don't know. >> why would they just throw her in the water? >> i don't know. if i continue to talk to misty, she's going to tell me. >> okay. what is the second version you were told about haleigh's death? >> i was told that misty had knocked her in the head and killed her and that joe and tommy got rid of her. >> knocked her in the head with what? a cinder block? >> no, just a piece of wood or something was the way it was put to me. but i didn't believe that when i heard it. >> who told you that? >> it come from one of them in florida is all i can say. >> did they say why misty would
10:19 pm
have struck 5-year-old haleigh? >> no, they didn't. i'm thinking the overdose. >> what was the first story you were to tell about haleigh's death? >> the first thing i was told was that joe had killed her. that was the first words that i was told. >> why was -- why did he kill her in the first version? >> that i don't know any idea. i don't even know whether she was dead when she hit the water or not. >> who told you the first version? >> that may have came from misty, i'm not sure.
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information has been obtained by investigators that lead them to believe that haleigh cummings is most likely deceased. i'm going to call it a homicide. >> investigators searching for missing florida girl are back at it in st. john's river at satsuma, florida. the third straight day divers have gone looking for signs of haley cummings. >> we're taking your calls live. before we go to the lines, i want to go back to ms. flora hollars. joining us tonight in a primetime exclusive. this is misty croslin and joe overstreet's grandmother. ms. hollars, again, thank you for being with us. >> you're welcome. >> my question regarding the
10:25 pm
three versions you've been told, who knows if any of them are true, that you were told in each of these scenarios where was croslin? in the first scenario, the one that croslin told you this morning, where was croslin when everything happened? >> she didn't tell me that. >> she just said that joe overstreet killed misty? killed haleigh. >> she said joe overstreet and tommy wrapped the rope around haleigh and carried her to the dock at the st. john's river and put a block around the other end of the rope and throwed her in the river. >> but what, ms. hollars could be their possible motivation for killing a 5-year-old girl? >> that's something that i don't know. that's three grandkids of mine that's involved in this and i don't know why. but i sure would like to know why.
10:26 pm
they have no remorse or something. but nobody decided to say anything until i broke tommy on the phone sunday. and yes, i'm the ones that called the detectives. and yes, i'm the one that sent them to the river. >> well, god bless you. god bless you for finally bringing some peace to this case. i pray to god in heaven that it does. >> i hope so. >> when tommy croslin calls you from the jail, crying, what did he say happened? >> he was crying, and i told him, i said you failed your lie detector test, didn't you, tommy? he said yes, i did. i told him, i said, it's time for it to come to a head. i want to know right now. in my heart, i already know. i said did joe did this? he said, yes, nanny, joe did.
10:27 pm
but never implicated him at that time. misty is the one that implicated joe and tommy. misty is coming clean. >> did tommy croslin tell you what happened, other than he just killed her? >> that's all he said. >> i want to remind everyone that according to police, none of the three, croslin, tommy croslin or joe overstreet are persons of interest or suspects in haleigh's disappearance. [ male announcer ] when you buy a car, what are you really buying? a shiny coat of paint? a list of features? what about the strength of the steel? the integrity of its design... or how it responds... in extreme situations? the deeper you look, the more you see the real differences. and the more you understand what it means to own a mercedes-benz. the c-class. see your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for exceptional offers through mercedes-benz financial. ♪
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items have been recovered at the search site. haleigh cummings is most likely deceased. i'm going to call it a homicide. >> we're hoping to make an arrest in this case. >> they have not named any suspects in the 5-year-old's disappearance. >> however, the investigative team has identified -- >> we are taking your calls live out to linda. virginia, hi, linda. >> caller: hi, nancy. i just have a couple of things i want to say. first of all, i honestly believe god puts angels here on earth and i do believe you're one of them. you keep these cases alive, nancy. and we thank you for it. you give a voice to those who can no longer speak. thank you. >> linda, i promise you, the angels in heaven are crying right now that you compared me to them.
10:31 pm
but thank you. i'm going to take it and run with it because i have never gotten that kind of compliment before. thank you. what's your question? >> caller: the question is, there is another thing, too. the twins look just like you. i thought i would say that. >> that's a big kilometer. i think they're the most beautiful things i have ever seen in the world. >> they are. here's my question. maybe your years as a prosecutor, sigh kol list, all those you have had on the show, it seems more and more to me that these beautiful little children, that these heinous acts are committed, why is it these monsters have the children, the remains left so close to their homes? it appears that way to me. >> author of "deal breakers," if you take a look at it, think what she's saying. you have caylee anthony, 15 houses from the anthony home. haleigh cummings, apparently -- although her entire body has not
10:32 pm
yet been found, a few miles south of the home there in the st. john's river. i mean, it even applies to adults. there you have scott peterson, throwing his wife in the water where he always goes fishing in the san francisco bay. why? >> most children who are murdered are disposed oven with a quarter mile of the family home. and most victims are victimized in or around their home. i think it's because these monster, as linda called them, these perpetrators, they have so much hatefulness and rage towards the child that's all they can think of. they don't have big-picture thinking. they don't think what they're doing is wrong or they will be caught or anyone will ever discover them. they're just in the moment with the child. and i'll tell you what, the person who has the most motivation towards murder is misty cummings. she is the noncustodial caretaker. and when a noncustodial caretaker murders a child, usually it is to get back at the other parent. it is a revenge sort of thing. i don't think she wanted to take
10:33 pm
care of this child. i think she was envious towards this child. she did not want to take on the responsibilities of motherhood. remember when the drug bust went down, who was the ringleader? it was misty. misty was the ringleader. so it would make sense that she might be the ringleader in this scenario, even if all three were involved. >> let's unleash the lawyers. joining us tonight, eleanor odom, felony prosecutor. her specialty is crimes on women and children. renee rockwell, defense owner, -- defense attorney, atlanta. peter odom, defense attorney, atlanta. weigh in, eleanor. >> this is a perfect case for the death penalty. you have at least two people if ronald and tommy croslin are found -- >> not ronald. >> joe, i'm sorry. if those two actually did what the grandmother said, that's death penalty material, and i think if they find some good evidence, the state should go for it. >> of course, renee rockwell, misty croslin would have been under 18 at the time of the incident.
10:34 pm
under our u.s. supreme court rulings, she cannot face the death penalty. >> that's right. but i would be curious to know how old the other two are. and nancy, what the grandmother just said and what it's all going to boil down to was -- if this is what happened, was the child alive when she was thrown over with the brick and the rope? it's incredible. and i agree with eleanor, death penalty. >> i don't think it all hinges on whether she was alive when she hit the water. if that's true. to you, peter odom. if this child were molested and then murdered, because i can't think of any other reason that they would want to kill this little girl other than misty croslin rage. and the three have not been named official suspects or persons of interest. weigh in, odom. >> frankly, nancy, what's being described is unfathomable, no matter who you are. what puts the wrinkle in this, as you noted, if misty croslin cannot be put
10:35 pm
to death because of united states spreadsheet court scriptures, it's going to make it very difficult for a jury to put accomplices to death, even if they are otherwise eligible. >> yeah, i don't think they're going to have a problem. out to elena schiavo, what else can you tell me? >> nancy, the cops also said today that misty knows that she is in trouble, so -- and robert fields, her attorney is saying that he thinks that now that she's cooperating, the focus has shifted, which doesn't really make much sense, now that we've heard what her grandmother had to say tonight. >> elizabeth, please put that shot of misty cummings on the docks, her handcuffs motions to police where they should look out on the water. i only have one problem with that picture? where's her lawyer. what about it? >> well, she certainly has every right to have a lawyer there, especially if the cops are questioning her. that is a concern. whatever she says, you might want to use that in a potential trial down the road. you want any statement to be taken by the letter of the law.
10:36 pm
>> but the way around that is if she went voluntarily. >> let's hope she did go voluntarily and that they have it on tape. and that she signed a waiver of her rights. >> the police are wording all their releases very very carefully, for instance, saying there's nobody in custody as it relates to this investigation. the homicide investigation. that doesn't apply to anybody in jail, for instance, on drug trafficking. which would be misty croslin and tommy croslin. >> you're exactly right. it's a play on words. i've been analyzing and thinking about what grandmother is saying tonight. and nancy, do you realize when misty told grandma an account, it didn't involve her at all. when tommy told an account, it didn't involve him at all. so no one is confessing their own behavior in also of this. they're all attributing it to others in the group.
10:37 pm
>> we are taking your calls live. with us tonight is misty croslin and joe overstreet's grandmother, m srs. flora hol lrhollars. straight out to the lines, karen in ohio. hi, karen. >> caller: hi, nancy. i'm so happy to finally talk to you. >> well, thank you for calling in. what is your question, dear. >> i have to agree that you are truly an angel. i wish you every night and your babies are gorgeous. >> thank you. when i leave this anchor chair, the first thing i do is go home and check on them. and to think that ronald cummings left his baby there, two of them, just like me, he comes home and one is gone. and for all this time, misty croslin didn't say a word, denied everything, while this child's remains were soaking into the mud at the bottom of the st. john's river, according to reports.
10:38 pm
what is your question? karen in ohio? >> caller: my question is, if she was thrown into the water with all the alligators. if she were to be eaten, would there be any remains left after she was digested? >> out to heather walsh cheney. forensic anthropologist at florida gulfcoast university, the reality is that she would have drowned in just a few moments, but would there be fragments of bones? could there be portions of bones in your estimation? >> in my estimation, if we're talking about her being submerged in the water, buried by the sediment of the river, over time, yes, we can get some of those 300 odd bones that would be skeletonized, we could hopefully recover them. but the st. john's river does have alligators. and it's been my experience that when alligators are involved, if you don't know specifically what
10:39 pm
alligator took the human or the body part, you're not going to recover anything. >> but even if they recover, for instance, a cinder block with yellow rope or haleigh's clothes she was wearing that evening -- hold on. speaking of the clothes she was wearing that evening, remember, misty croslin first said she was wearing x outfit, but then that outfit was found near the laundry. >> yes, she said she was wearing a pink shirt, but later on, they saw this same pink shirt she described in the laundry pile. but also about that cinder block, nancy, if you recall, she said the back door was propped open with a cinder block and investigators were looking for the same cinder block at that time. >> it's amazing how bits of the truth are woven into that story. everybody, we're taking your calls live. and as we go to break on a happy note, a very special birthday to the number one fan of our show, a navy veteran.
10:40 pm
he served time in the world war, giving up a college basketball scholarship to serve our country, even lying about his age to join the navy, ending up on the other side of the world at just 17. a railroad man for 40 years, he and his wife, my moyer, put us all through college, put braces on our teeth, took us to sunday school, and taught us how to dance. happy birthday.
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at this point, i'm comfortable to go ahead and say i'm going to call it a homicide.
10:44 pm
>> searchers are working around the clock at a florida river just five miles from where she was last seen. >> it's hard to believe that she don't know more, but it's hard to believe that if she did know more she ain't already talking. >> i'm trying to do everything to find her, you know? i'm answering any questions i have to. i don't know where she is. >> it's going to be just a matter of time. people are starting to talk. >> i'll do anything to get her back. >> misty croslin was baby-sitting haleigh the night she disappeared. >> i would have woke up if i heard any noise. i didn't hear anything at all. >> she's been in custody on unrelated drug charges. >> i want to get to the bottom of what happened. >> she was moved from one jail to putnam county where this search takes place. >> one way or another, i want my daughter to come home. >> the investigative team has identified persons of interest in this case. >> i didn't do anything with that little girl. >> croslin was briefly married to haleigh's father, ronald cummings. >> i had nothing to do with this. >> they interviewed joe overstreet. >> this is misty's cousin.
10:45 pm
>> is joe overstreet involved in this? >> i didn't do it. >> you didn't do it? >> no. >> we are taking your calls live. michael, president of security quad inc., joining us out of new york, all three of these stories have the same common denominator, the same three individuals. but of course, they're all pointing the finger at each other. weigh in. >> yes, without a doubt. but if you think about this, about a year or so ago, 14 months ago, we always looked at overstreet as a possible suspect in the case. i mean, it was a conflict about the way the door was when cummings came home. cummings said the door was open with a cinder block and misty said no, it was locked. there were issues about them having a fight prior to this. there was problem with overstreet and cummings. so you're right, you have the same people.
10:46 pm
of course, people are going to point the finger at everybody else here. >> to the chief medical examiner, palm beach county, joining us out of miami. thank you for being with us. how would you, especially in light of the fact that you were joining us out of florida, which is full, covered in swampland, how would you answer karen in ohio's question, regarding alligators? >> whether they're alligators or fish, crab, other creatures that reside in the river, if the body is exposed to them, the animals are likely to devour both the soft tissues and the bones, which makes the possibility of recovering an intact body, intact skeleton very remote. >> are you telling me that over 300 bones out of over 300 bones, they're not going to find a single one if alligators were involved? come on, dr. bell, i'm not
10:47 pm
buying that. >> you don't have to buy it, but still it's likely true. i think it's going to be very difficult to recover any bones. >> so you think an alligator would eat the entire body? there wouldn't be a toe? a finger? a jawbone? anything left? >> there might be, but you have to remember that with this time and decomposition, any bones that weren't eaten by the alligator are likely scattered throughout the river bed. >> that's a good point. also joining us tonight, our chief producer, ellie jostad. weigh in. >> to go off what dr. bell just said, here's what they're up against in that water. they have a 20-footdrop right from the shore. they described it as a viscous mud. they don't know how deep in the mud any evidence could be.
10:48 pm
there's zero visibility. they're trying to use special goggles to see in the water. but this is an uphill battle in that search. >> elie, all of these stories that we're hearing, not only from ms. flora hollars, but other sources, other unnamed sources, she's not the only one saying this. other people are confirming what she's telling us tonight. they all boil down to the same three people and in every scenario, misty croslin is in the center of it. >> right. there's an alleged letter obtained by leonard padilla. he said he got it from one of misty croslin's relatives. in this letter, misty croslin wrote from jail that she was there that night, tommy was there that night, joe was there that night. she says she doesn't think that tommy did anything and she's not sure what joe did, but she describes them as being very intoxicated. those aren't the words she used. but she says she doesn't know exactly what happened but that all three of them were there. >> all three of them there.
10:49 pm
to me, eleanor odom, that makes them all party to the crime of whatever happened to that little girl. and you've got to think, eleanor, come on, if you don't know a horse, look at the track record. why would they kill this little girl with a cinder block and rope if those accounts are true? >> exactly. what reason would they have, nancy? they must have done something to the little girl, injured her in some way for them to just toss her body aside like trash. >> to jackie in tennessee. what's your question, dear? >> caller: is that me? okay. nancy, first off, your books are great. you're an angel. i read from your first book and your tv show, you're the greatest thing in the world. as a former officer, i want to know, was lumenol ever
10:50 pm
sprayed in the house? has it been sprayed out of the >> i guarantee you they used luminol, and what that tells me the murder did not take place there unless it was a suffocation. as we go to break, i was approached this past sunday and asked for you and your thoughts and prayer for mary claire blackshaw, a young mother in the fight of a lifetime battling bone cancer. mary claire, we are all joining together tonight and we are praying. now, you stay stront.
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hi. >> i'm brooke anderson. here is what is coming up on "showbiz tonight" at the top of the hour. a shocking comeback performance
10:54 pm
by whitney houston caught on tape. the disturbing whitney comeback crisis. "showbiz tonight" asks who should get divorced first and who will get divorced first. tv's most provocative news show starts at the top of the hour here on hln. as far as the cooperation goes from who's cooperating and what plea bargains, i'm not here to talk about any of that. i don't know of any plea bargain. >> back to the scene there. >> the latest is one of the things they mentioned is the search around the cummings' home initially. they track hey lee cummings'
10:55 pm
scent to the water, so one of the theories is possibly a boat was used in order to get hayleigh cummings over to this area that has been searched recently. >> then why, i'm wondering, the dock? the dock? why would they bring misty crosslin out to the edge of the dock as she's pointing out if that were not the spot they used, allegedly according to reports to throw the child into the water. back to our special guest this is misty croslin's and joe overstreet's grandmother. she's joining us out of west nashville, tennessee. have police spoken to you? of course they have, because you called them and told them. >> i've talked to the police in florida. i'm the one that told the police in florida where to look at. >> in any -- in any of these scenarios did anybody ever tell ronald cummings what happened to his daughter?
10:56 pm
>> not that i know of. i don't think they have. well, maybe his mom and them the other day when they was at the jail, because i've talked to them, too. >> what did they have to say about all of this? did they believe it? >> yes, ma'am, they did. misty croslin, or has the jail cut off her phone access? >> they had cut off my phone access, but they put it back on again this morning so she could call. that's how i got the information this morning. >> i see the photo behind you of you and misty crosslin. do you think she could have had anything to do with this? >> no, ma'am, i really don't think she could. misty's too good with kids.
10:57 pm
misty loves kids. she's had an opportunity to hurt others and she's kept every one of them. i don't believe misty had any involvement whatsoever. >> let's stop and remember aeshl spiser zachary clauser killed in iraq. remembered as the glue that held his friends together, a member of several local car clubs. loved outdoors, hunting, dreamed the college and a career in computers. leaves behind parents, four brothers, and two sisters. zachary clouse american hero. thanks to our guests and especially to you and a special good night from georgia and ohio friends, anita, virginia, melissa and teresa. what a beautiful bunch. everyone, i'll see you tomorrow night, 8:00 sharp eastern. and tonight our prayers with little 5-year-old hayleigh cummings and her mother and father. until tomorrow night, good night, friend. what did we make better ?
10:58 pm
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